4 attractions in Lembang must-see

You are looking for the best destinations for a vacation? There is no harm in looking for tourist spots in the Valley. In addition, many with panoramic views of recreational objects option in the area located to the North of Bandung. Want to know what are the tourist attractions in the Valley is most okay? The following rekomendasinya.

6 attractions in Lembang must-see
6 attractions in Lembang must-see

1. De Ranch

De Ranch offers a new concept in sightseeing at the horse ranch. It not only provides a means of horseback riding cowboy style, but are also equipped with a variety of rides starting from the trampoline, the gold hunter, archery, water balloons, and flying fox. For children, provided the game fishing, kidtrik, peti glide, and skip.

If you like riding, you can try some of the options probe. There are horse riding zone, pony, and a horse. In addition, there is a game of darts and practice milking a cow. Specifically for archery, can only be done by an adult.

Curious with the De Valley Ranch? The full address is on the road Maribaya No. 17, about 200 meters from the market. You can come to visit attractions in the Valley every Monday-Friday at 9:00 am-17.00 pm. While the weekend or red dates, these attractions are opened from 08.00 hours GMT.

2. Bandung Treetop Adventure Park

Bored with the usual tourist places? You can visit Bandung Treetop Adventure Park. A natural recreation area at once the outbound zone. Carrying the theme FUN, attractions in this Valley presents a number of challenging games.

There are six circuits provided here, namely Yellow, Dicovery, Blue, Orange, Red, and Black. Specifically for children aged at least 4 years old, could use the spacecraft trajectory high Yellow Circuit because it's only about 2 meters above the ground. Other circuits can only be worn adults.

Interested go to Bandung Treetop Adventure Park? The location is very easy to find because one direction with Campsite Cikole, Lembang. A matter of time, no need to worry because of the Valley's attractions this one is open every day. Typically, began operating at 8 am until 5 pm.

3. Farm House Valley

Located on the main route Bandung-Lembang, a Farm House into a tourist attraction that never deserted visitors. In addition because of its strategic location, this area also presents nuances typical of European tourism. All of that is applied in the form of spot swafoto Instagramable.

One of my favorite photo objects in the Farm House was the home of hobbits. Despite its small size, design it looks unique. The entire building is made of wood and stone with a typical European garden in the front. Therefore, the photograph here seemed to be on the land of the hobbits.

In addition to the hobbit House, there is also bird and rabbit cages. You can capture the moment in this Valley's attractions through snapshots of the camera. Else is allowed to interact with the animals. From the start, touching, feeding up to take pictures with.

4. The Lodge Maribaya

The Lodge Maribaya is one of the attractions is located on the route of the Valley-Maribaya-Cibodas. The recreation area is located on the street Maribaya No. 149/252, Kampung Babakan, Cibodas. However, its location is not reachable by public transportation so it would be easier if going by using the online transport or private vehicles.

There are 7 rides available at tourist spots in the Valley. First, Hot Air Balloon Rides; a photo spot as high as 6 meters with a background of green pine forests. Then, there is the Sky Bike and the Sky Wing with the path in the form of a rope in the air.

Zone Paragliding is not less interesting. Visitors can pose seems to fly in the air. In addition, there are rides and Bamboo Sky swafoto Sky Tree. The shape is in the form of viewing at the Summit of pine trees. Lastly, there are the so-called Glamour camping vehicle Camping.

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