4 Destinations Tour Mojokerto Mandatory you visit

Mojokerto is one of regencies in the province of East Java, the County offers plenty of natural beauty that is still beautiful even hidden, so there are still many people who do not know about its natural beauty. The tour starts from the temple, historical tourism, spot to photograph, natural waterfalls and others – other. Well, for you guys that want to plan a vacation to Mojokerto, hadn't worried reserved its natural beauty, tourism choices aplenty Mojokerto to visit. Even the Mojokerto ever have their place – a quite interesting compared to other Counties – Regency in East Java. Here's a list of the attractions you must visit the Mojokerto.

4 Destinations Tour Mojokerto Mandatory you visit
4 Destinations Tour Mojokerto Mandatory you visit

Bajang Ratu Temple

Its location in the village, Temon Sub-regency Trowulan. This temple is quite comprehensive amenities and has a garden that is quite extensive, so that visitors will be comfortable in this place. Candi Bajang Ratu suitable as an object for photos – photos or selfie.

Trowulan Museum

As with the Temanggung in Trowulan museum there is also IE Trowulan Museum which is located in the village of Trowulan, Mojokerto. The Museum has several collections of goods or inherited during the days of bitter maja. In addition, the museum also keeps a historical heritage objects of kediri, the Kingdom of kahuripan, and singasari.

Museum Archaeological Preservation Hall

One of the first tourist mojokerto namely archeological museum. As the name implies, this place is a place of preservation of some sort of legacy objects – objects in ancient times. The Museum is located at Jalan Mojopahit No. 141-143 Trowulan, Mojokerto. Even still there are other historical places in Mojokerto are unique and interesting, that is one of the sites located in the village of kedaton Sentonorejo, Trowulan. In this place, you can see some of the remaining complex which is an ancient building of old molds are made of red brick and stone is remains at the time of majapahit Kingdom.

Candi Lawang Wrangin

After a tour in the history of the Quarter, it is worth stopping by again to Temple, Wringan Temple, is an relic of majapahit Kingdom located in district of Trowulan. The temple is particularly suitable when visiting with family. The location is dtepat in the village of Jati market.

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