5 attractions in Solo must-see

Who has never heard the name Solo? Cities in Central Java named official Surakarta is indeed popular among tourists. Not only has strong historical background, Solo also has a beautiful landscape. No wonder if there are many tourist attractions in Solo that is interesting to visit, ranging from nature, culture, history, religion, until the modern day.

5 attractions in Solo must-see
5 attractions in Solo must-see

Well, want to know what are the tourist attractions in Solo must-see? The following list of recommendations of attractions in a Solo entry lists compulsory visit while on vacation there.

1. Grojogan Sewu Tawangmangu

One of the attractions of the soloist's most famous and talked about travellers Grojogan Sewu is Tawangmangu. Destination pelesiran form 80-metre-high waterfall is located on the West side of Mount Lawu, or about 37 kilometers from the center of the city of Solo. This waterfall is the highest in the region of Central Java, lho.

To get to the location, tourists must climb at least 1,000 steps. With a beautiful view of both sides, the trip will be more enjoyable. Its creation, you should not come here with a partner if it does not want to renew the romance you guys broke up in the middle of the road.

On the weekend, this bustling tourist attractions visited by tourists from inside and outside the city. To be able to see the beauty of nature around Tawangmangu waterfall, visitors will be charged admission for approximately Rp 20,000 per person.

2. the Keraton Surakarta

If you guys want to learn about the history of Solo more details, just visit Kraton Surakarta. The building was erected by Susuhunan Pakubuwono II in 1744 to replace the Keraton Kartosuro that devastated Chinese Tantrum events year 1743.

Until now, the building still functioned as a residence of Sri Sunan at once became the most visited Solo. As for the complex in Surakarta is divided into: the Alun-Alun Lor, Alun-Alun Kidul, Sasana Sumewa, Siti Heightened Lor and Kidul, Kemandungan Lor and Sri Manganti Kidul, Lor and Kidul, Kedaton, as well as Kamagangan, who each have different functions, only used as a museum. In this Solo's attractions, a wide collection of relics of the ruler is stored, such as gamelan, a replica of the Royal family, inheritance and other objects which constitute the granting of European Kings.

3. the Sriwedari Park

Historical sights in the city next Solo Sriwedari Park. Attractions in this Solo is a complex located in areas of the landscaping Work, Solo, and has existed since the era of leadership Pakubuwono X. Besides entertainment host location to be used as a routine Night Blackjack, Sriwedari Park has also been used as a location for the Organization of the POUND in the year 1948.

In this area there is the building of the puppet People Sriwedari (GWO) which became the venue of the puppet people. On the upper wall of the right and left part of the building there is a large painting that tells the story of the Mahabharata epic titled "Kresno Duto".

Sriwedari Park has become a center of entertainment, the arts, and popular culture's Solo and beyond. If the intention of stopping by fro, come at around 10.00 am to 22.00 pm. The ticket prices are pretty cheap, only about Rp 3,000 only per person.

4. Museum of the ancient Human Sangiran

Its location was not right in the city of Solo. However, this tourism object to be one of the must-see destinations at the moment are on the Solo. As the name suggests, the Museum early humans Sangiran is an archaeological museum located in the village of Kalijambe, Sragen, Central Java.

Historical sights-education is not far from the ancient fossils of Sangiran site, which has been designated by UNESCO as world heritage. With an area of about 56 square km, it is not only used as tourist destinations, but also Research Center by archeologists from inside and outside the country who want to know human life in prehistoric times.

In addition to the fossils of Pithecanthropus erectus lower jaw, here also found trace remnants of the past who was 200,000 to 2 million years.

5. Garden Balekambang

If you love the attractions with beautiful green trees with cool, come to the Balekambang located on Jalan Ahmad Yani, Solo. A 10 hectare park was built by the KGPAA Mangkunegara VII in the year 1921 departed for the second daughter, GRAy Partini and GRAy Partinah.

Attractions in this Solo was divided into two. The first is the complex Partinah Bosch which is home of various rare plants, such as walnuts, white figs, figs breech, as well as the Apple Brown. While the complex was the only named Partini Tuin (Partini water park). This place is in the form of ponds with ornamental boats can take visitors.

After experiencing a revitalization, in 2008 the park opened to the public official Balekambang and functioned as a centre/children's art and culture, Botanical Garden, educational, tourism and recreation.

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