5 nature tours in the most beautiful!

The city center of Medan North Sumatra has a lot of natural beauty that you can explore. Ranging from tourist attractions such as beaches, waterfalls, lakes, to the tourist attractions of the river you can find here. In addition, all the sights are also equipped with a range of facilities that increasingly make the visitors comfortable coming here. For more details, here RedDoorz will discuss about nature tourism an attractive Field for you to visit.

5 nature tours in the most beautiful!
5 nature tours in the most beautiful!

Scenic Hills Simarjarunjung

Scenic hills Simarjarunjung presents a beautiful panorama of the Lake Toba. After being a tourist, this is getting interesting. Visitors can see many pine trees complete with numerous spots that are popular, such as viewing, tree house up to swing. Arguably if these sights similar to spot-spot selfie that exist in the Kulo Progo and the blue Time. Whereas, for the entry ticket price is also very reasonable i.e. only around Rp 5,000 per person and you will incur some additional costs for any other vehicle.

Bukit Paropo Silalahi

Nature tourism in Medan has become a favourite location for camping for the traveler. To get to the top of the Hill, you do not have to be difficult-it's hard to climb because of konturnya it is very easy to reach. In addition to the camping you can even perform other activities, such as fishing. Sign in to the Hills area visitors will be charged an entrance fee of Rp 4,000 per person. Whereas, for you that brings kedaraan motor will cost Rp 15,000 per motorcycle.

Tangkahan – Langkat

A visit to Medan should not miss the opportunity to see the beauty of the tropical forests at Minusone Tangkahan Tour. Nature tourism in this Field are included in the place of ecotourism in the village of Namo Beehive, stem attacks, Langkat. Tangkahan – Langkat themselves only accessible by road. You can use vehicles such as motorcycles, cars to buses to get here. There are a variety of interesting activities, such as bathing the elephants. The tourists were later allowed to ride an elephant in the forest along with his handler and learn to recognize the forest further. Not only interact with elephants only, here the visitors can also bathe in the river and doing extreme sports like whitewater rafting.

Wampu River Rafting

Wampu River has indeed long known as one of rafting in the area of Medan, North Sumatra. Nature tourism is also flow through the County in North Sumtera 2 i.e. Karo Regency and Langkat Regency. In contrast to other rivers, Wampu River tributaries have branches. This is a challenge for those of you who like extreme sports. But, you need not fear because during the berarum Rapids you will be accompanied by professional guides.

Bukit Lawang

The Sumatran region does have a wide range of biodiversity and animal. For that reason, here you will find many interesting sights with natural background, such as Bukit Lawang. In addition to the famous crystal clear river flow, Bukit Lawang is also becoming a place for observation of the Orang Utan. The existence of the orang utan in this region is not another because of Bukit Lawang entry into protected forest area of Gunung Leuser National Park. In the area of the Hill you will see cross-legged shacks can be rented by the visitors, namely for Rp 70,000. In addition, in Bukit Lawang you can also hire the services of a guide for trekking along the hilly forests.

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