6 attractions in Surabaya must-see

As the second largest city in Indonesia, Surabaya has a myriad of interesting sights to be seen. The city of Surabaya is suitable for a visit with family, friends, or alone for the Agnes controversy so as not to singles. So, while you are in Surabaya, you be obliged into 15 tourist attractions in Surabaya:

6 attractions in Surabaya must-see
6 attractions in Surabaya must-see

1. The Garden of Bungkul

Tired with the bustle and urban Office? Yuk, enjoy a shadowy trees in the Park. Its position is very strategic, that are in the middle of the city, Darmo, Wonokromo.

Children's Bungkul is actually a religious tourism area. A place of pilgrimage to the tomb of Ki Ageng Supo or Sunan Bungkul, one of the clerics proselytizers. However, by the City Government, the environment around the cemetery cleaned up into a very attractive garden with full facility.

One of the facilities on offer of attractions in Surabaya, this is the place to play the children like swings, slides, and seesaw. There is also a playground skateboarding, BMX, and jogging track. On the central part, there is an open-air Amphitheater Middle striped all 33 meters. At the weekend, in the amphitheatre is often held music events or interesting performances. Means the Park is also increasingly complete with the presence of a network the internet, drinking water taps, and diverse culinary Surabaya salesman who arranged neatly.

2. Bamboo forest and Garden Harmony Keputih

Don't need all the way to East Asia to take pictures with a charming background of bamboo. Just come to the forest which lies the eastern part of the city of Surabaya, namely on JL. Raya Green, Marina Keputih. Many visitors who come to the attractions in Surabaya for sightseeing, relax, even for a prenuptial photoshoot. Tourist attractions in this one, you can get the photos Instagramable free of charge.

After exploring the bamboo forest, try to Harmony that is behind the Terminal Keputih. The atmosphere is no less lush and there are many beautiful flowers. This place is very suitable for jogging and exercise in the morning, especially coupled with the existence of foot reflexology areas that can nourish the body.

Do not hesitate to bring fruit into the heart of attractions in Surabaya on this one. Here, they will not feel bored. Because, there is the arena of kids who come from various types of games.

3. Nurseries Wonorejo

Land that is located in the southeastern part of the city centre is often also referred to as Garden Seeds 

2. Whereas, Nurseries 1nya is Garden Flora, a park in the Bratang area.

As the name implies, this place is the location of plant seed dikembangbiakkan before being planted across the city. However, not only filled with vegetation, the Park is has sufficient means of recreation. For example there is a children's play area, children's climbing wall boards, tap drinking water, foot reflexology, zone of the Lake with a small dock, the House of orchids, home composting, and culinary Center.

Although the heat seared Surabaya, see views in the garden guaranteed to make liver feels cool. Coupled with the presence of some animal tails, such as deer and ducks, adding to the impression of a natural at natural tourist attractions in Surabaya. Lucky, all these can be enjoyed by the public free of charge from 8 am until 4 pm.

4. Children's Achievements

Attractions in Surabaya that one is located at JL. Ketabang No. 6 Times, Ketabang, Tile, i.e. somewhat to the North of the city centre. The name comes from the large number of replicas of the award on the grounds. Excitedly, besides there is no entrance fee, the completeness of supporting facilities in the Park is also worth a thumbs up. In this area the network is available, wireless internet, Broadband training Hall Learning Center (BLC), culinary Center, and playground with 34 pieces vary widely.

Well, the activities become highlights in the garden tour is down the achievements of the Kalimas motorboat with. It costs only Rp. 4,000 course per person and free for children under 2 years old. Time? Saturday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., and Sunday from 7 am to 12 noon, and then resumed at 6 pm to 9 pm. Let's enjoy the beautiful views of the city lights night Surabaya over the top of the boat.

5. Ria Kenjeran Beach Park

This position is located in the northeastern part of the city of Surabaya. About 1 kilometer from the Beach Long Kenjeran. Entrance fee to this beautiful beach is for Rp. 15,000 per person, while parkirnya IDR 10,000 for cars and USD 8,000 for motor.

At an affordable price, in Surabaya's sights you can see the beauty of the sky at sunrise or sink, swim, play sand on the beach, and enjoy a typical Chinese architecture buildings. There are a few monastic buildings that has a stylish design. For example, the building is a replica of it became the Temple of Heaven in China, a replica of the Buddha in Thailand Face Chess, Sanggar Agung Bali blend design and China, as well as a statue of the goddess of Kwan Im with a height of about 20 meters which accompanied the Dragon statue .

By paying a small additional fee, you can also try other activities. For example water play Kenjeran Waterpark with Rp. 20,000 on weekdays or Rp. 25,000 on weekends. Can also visit the arena riding, fishing pond, go-kart, or playground.

If it comes to visit tourist attractions in Surabaya this one, do not Suroboyo bridge photo miss with a background of Kampung Bulak. The area known as ' Colorful ' Hometown. Because, the houses there are painted in cheerful bright! Nice location for photos!

6. Mangrove Ecotourism

Do you know what are mangroves? Mangroves are a mangrove forests which are usually planted around the coast to hinder new sea water towards the land. The goal is to avoid abrasion and natural disasters such as the surge of sea water. However, it is not only beneficial for the Mangrove keeping mainland, but it also has a function as a place for sightseeing.

Examples are the tourist attractions in the area of the East coast city of Surabaya. It is located at JL. Raya Wonorejo, Rungkut. Attractions in Surabaya was opened to the public every weekend, starting from 8 am to 4 pm. Many visitors come to enjoy the green of mangrove plant by way of a foot on the wooden boards, or along the coastal areas of mangroves in the vessel. It is enough to pay Rp 25,000 to Rp. 15,000 adults and for the kids, you've been able to down the attractions in Surabaya with the ship.

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