7 attractions in West Java must-see

West Java also has a cool air because a lot is surrounded by mountains, making this area has beautiful sights of chic and charming. In this area there is not only natural, but there is also a tourist attraction, culinary culture, beaches and entertainment venues as well as a unique dining concept.

7 attractions in West Java must-see
7 attractions in West Java must-see

This is perhaps that makes tourists never get tired to explore various interesting tourist attractions in the region of West Java. However the number of attractions in West Java thus making tourists confused priorities determine which attractions will be visited.

Well, in this article the dishes, we've made a list of recommendations 15 attractions in West Java to simplify Your choice.

1. White Crater – Bandung

White crater that is already widely known people will its beauty is located on top of Mount Patuha, Ciwidey, Bandung South so that offers cool air with a temperature of 8 – 22 degrees.

En route to attractions in West Java, you can also enjoy the old tea plantation with other atmosphere when compared to the tea plantations in General as there is in the area of the Valley and the peaks.

Prepare to be dazzled by the beauty of White Crater is so chic and romantic. This is because the unique atmosphere above Crater Lake filled with thick fog as well as the color of Lake water that looks white or milk chocolate. When the weather is hot, the color of the water of the Lake sometimes turns into a blue-green color.

2. Stone Garden – Surabaya

Stone Garden located on Mount Masigit, Cipatat is very exotic and suitable as a place to take photos of pre-wedding so start viral entry into social media Facebook. Previously, not many people know the hidden beauty of the Hill Stone Garden. This rocks studded pastures so amazing especially in the morning or in the evening as the Sun sank.

After a bit of exploring the natural rocks of the former ancient times this Lake, you can enjoy the views from the top of the Hill's phenomenal. In addition to the wide expanses that are served, a stone Garden on a plateau above this Hill will make your bathtub are travelling abroad.

You can see the rocks firmly with the artistic formations from the top of a hill in the meadows You climb. Many visitors to perpetuate this moment with the background scenery sky off and green farmland and rolling hills, towering expanse in front of the eyes.

3. Green Canyon – Pangandaran

Green Canyon, located in the village of Kertayasa, this is where Pangandaran nature tours that stores thousands of Enchantment, presenting in the form of stalaktik stones that are so endearing.

Visitors can enjoy the high cliffs to the river flowing Cijulang underneath as well as explore the caves around the river while hunting spot photos. You can also join the try body down the river rafting underneath along the 3 km, passing through green trees on the sides.

Body rafting is thrilling water sports. You are going down the river for a period of approximately 3-4 hours with varying conditions each time, ranging from quiet water flow up to the extreme.

4. Cikaso – Curug Sukabumi

Curug Cikaso located in Ciniti Village, Sukabumi Selatan is indeed yet so viral, but the beauty of the waterfalls is no doubt. Attractions in West Java consists of three adjoining waterfall and pond below it has a water color exotic Turquoise.

The height of the waterfall to reach 80 metres and a width of 100-meter cliff stunning views of plenty of chic and charming water and is surrounded by the green of the trees. Water then created an exotic water mist and cool refreshing.

The roar of a waterfall pouring out of the vote will produce a beautiful natural music, while the points of water seemed to fall foliage stuck to produce a fresh atmosphere. You do not need all the way go abroad if in Sukabumi alone you can already watch the spectacular scenery like this.

5. Nature Panenjoan – Purwakarta

When the Bandung has a cliff Palace, Purwakarta has Natural Panenjoan which is located in the village of Sindang Panon and have started the viral world of the internet. Its location is approximately 17 km from the town of Purwakarta. Panenjoan means the place looked, from West Java's attractions, tourists can see the beauty of the tea plantation.

In tourist spots in West Java this one, visitors can witness the natural landscape through a special balcony provided. This particular spot is made from wood that can accommodate up to 40 people at a time.

Tourists can also enjoy the beautiful sunset or sunset a very enchanting. Many visitors took themselves to capture the natural beauty spot at your favorite photos at Panenjoan.

6. Hill Panembongan – Brass

When it Purwakarta has Natural Panenjoan, brass was not to be outdone. In tourist spots in West Java which is located in the village of Garawangi, Tembong you can see the beauty of a well-preserved stretch of pine forest and close to a water source from another point of view.

Just like in The Lodge Maribaya located in Lembang, West Java's tourist there are two viewing made from bamboo which is where visitors can enjoy a wonderful panorama ciamik and sensual fresh. From the hill that is located 8 km from the center of the brass, you also recommended air-selfie ria with a green backdrop.

In addition to the available area of the tent and pre-wedding location, visitors can also ride the flying fox activity fun and adrenaline can. Unfortunately, the location where this tour is still quite difficult to achieve, so you better use a motor than a car.

7. Hometown Karuhun – Sumedang

Kampung Karuhun is an integrated tourist attractions with the concept of eco park that combines natural beauty and tourist facilities. Hence, a place of interest in West Java is very suitable for those who like to holiday in the area of Sumedang. You can see the area of rice fields and verdant tropical forest in tourist spots located in Citengah, Sumedang Selatan.

In addition, visitors can also enjoy a crystal clear river water and cool air, as well as a walk in between the tea plantation is located at an elevation of. For a selfie hobby, there are many interesting photo spot, one of them is a lock of love.

Tourists can feel the feel of natural condensed while sipping tea and light fare such as boiled cassava, yams, bananas, and peanuts at Sky Tea House. While the likes of entertainment can enjoy riding an ATV mud, futsal, adventure tours, exclusive tents, and waterboom.

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