7 Place Cheap in Bandung shopping tour must-see

For those of you that are included in the shopaholic, in addition to FO and distro Bandung turned out to also have other shopping attractions are not less interesting to visit. In fact, in some places this shopping tour you can get the price of the goods that much cheaper. Want to know what are the tourist attractions of cheap shopping in Bandung the most OK? Read more below.

7 Place Cheap in Bandung shopping tour must-see
7 Place Cheap in Bandung shopping tour must-see

1. Gang Tamim

Like collecting jeans? Or want to find a quality jeans at bargain prices? You can come to the alley Tamim which are easily accessible via Jalan Sudirman. With costs ranging from Rp 100,000 to Rp 200,000, you can already buy and choose jeans from materials that you select yourself. There is no need to worry with the choice of materials is, in place of the Bandung shopping tour in the choice of material is very complete and certainly cheaper.

2. Market Friday Pusdai

True to its name, the place of cheap shopping tour at Bandung to attend every Friday. A variety of festive bargains for sale in shopping attractions located in Jalan Diponegoro, from leftover clothes export to thrift. If you are good at selecting good stuff and also bargain prices, you definitely can get stuff with prices skewed and pretty good quality.

3. New markets Trade Center

There is not much different with new markets in Jakarta, Bandung new markets is also one of the largest shopping centres in the regions. Shopping in Bandung tourist attractions is also often referred to as his Two Mango Bandung because of new markets in Bandung is also one of shopping stock trading for traders from various places, the same as the Mangga Dua in Jakarta.

What the heck could be found in this shopping attractions? In this shopping attractions there are many different types of fabrics and clothes with a relatively affordable price for all walks of life. In addition to shop for fabrics and clothes in retail, you can also buy it wholesale.

4. the Cihampelas Street

This shopping attractions is one of the places that have managed to become an icon of the city of Bandung. Shopping in Bandung tourist attractions it's always crowded with residents and visitors alike, especially tourists who come from the city of Jakarta and its surrounding areas. If you want to find a t-shirt with the words cute and tickled, looking at clothes stores along Cihampelas Street, moreover if hungry you can stop by the gift shop and bought the Bandung specialties such as peyeum and also chips in tempe.

5. the Cibaduyut Market

Cibaduyut market is the centerpiece of the bag and shoe leather. Although including local products, shoes produced in this famous market of durable and long lasting as well so as not to compete with the famous shoe brands that are on the mall. If you would like to order shoes with your own design, you are at the right shopping tour. You just need to order and then wait for 1 or 2 weeks depending on the complexity of the model of shoes that you ordered.

6. Market Shock Gasibu/market Surprised Monju

The market was originally located in front of Gedung Sate until so called Gasibu as a market Shock Gasibu, but for the sake of convenience along with any location then moved to the Monuments of struggle (Monju). In this shopping attractions, you could buy a new dress or shirt the rest of the exports with cheap price. When you get hungry, you can also enjoy various types of cuisine Bandung around market shock.

7. Market Gedebage

Well for those of you who like to find quality used goods, market Gedebage is a suitable place. Not only the citizens of Bandung, but also many visitors from outside the city who intentionally comes to these cheap shopping places to hunt for used goods. The price is slanted and his stuff is unique is the main advantage of tourist attractions to offer cheap shopping in Bandung.

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