She is the most beautiful Sights In 3 Indonesia

Hi friend travelers, on occasion in a little we will free some beautiful sights are there in Indonesia. Because what? Karna Indonesia itself has several tourist attractions with excellent views. In fact you do not need to go on vacation to a foreign country only because it wanted to a different, because certainly in Indonesia itself there are few sights that pretty amazing its beauty.

She is the most beautiful Sights In 3 Indonesia
She is the most beautiful Sights In 3 Indonesia

Well, below are beberaap attractions in Indonesia which we can visit, beginning from the beach, the mountains, even historic places in Indonesia, namely the following:

1. Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat, is one of the most beautiful tourist spots are there in Indonesia. Raja Ampat is one marine tourist destinations is indeed berlokasikan in parts of the eastern tip of Indonesia. Where the tourist area has natural charm underwater was amazing.

Raja Ampat Island cluster features and ecosystems under the sea which could indeed be said like heaven that fell in Indonesia. Not only that, the Raja Ampat island also has some of the most favoritkan by tourists, such as Batanta, Waigeo, Salawati, Misool island and also.

2. Bali

The second is no Bali. Perhaps you are familiar with this wonderful island. How not, Bali itself has a beautiful landscape that is very unusual. Not only that, the value of the island's culture is also still very strong, even residents there also still menjungjung high value of honor. Not only local tourists, many foreign tourists who are willing to fly a long way just to enjoy the beautiful island of Bali.

3. Komodo island

Komodo Island, is one of the Islands that have entered into the list of world heritage sites. Komodo island also has a natural beauty that can rival the beauty of the island of Bali. How not only was this island, you will find a very rare maish spesien which will not be found on other islands, namely, the Komodo dragon. Not only that, it also contains one of the most beautiful sights that you visit.

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