4 places to visit in West Sumatra that are being hit

Tourist spots in West Sumatera is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. It is not separated from the potential of tourism of Sumbar which is quite complete, where almost all types of tourist objects exist in this region of Padang capital.

4 places to visit in West Sumatra that are being hit
4 places to visit in West Sumatra that are being hit

From diverse natural attractions, such as the seas, beaches, mountains, lakes, and canyons to other highly interesting tourism potentials excavated further in the form of a cultural fesival that raises the sublime Sumbar values.

The number of tourism detciners that can be visited during the holidays will give a special advantage for tourists. Besides freely planning a holiday with a favorite tourist attraction, tourists can also choose the type of tourist activities to be done, enjoy the beauty of nature, do fun activities, see a variety of cultural attractions to explore Some of the city's corners are full of history.
West Sumatra is rich in attractions, even at the end of the year 2012 Nagari Pariangan, one of the villages in the flat land, included in the list of the most beautiful villages in the world version of Budget Travel, with several other villages from Switzerland, France, Czech and Canada.

The beauty of the village is not only measured from the charm of nature that is still beautiful, but the uniqueness of the village with the ancient architectural style that still preserved until now is an additional assessment to align with the village in the other part of the world.

So curious to visit one of the most beautiful villages in the world?

Besides Nagari Pariangan, tourists can also explore some of the attractions of Sumbar which is not less interesting. Here is the recommendation of instagramable tourist spots in West Sumatra that are being hit by tourists:

Thousand tiers

If in China there is a legendary giant wall of China, then in Sumbar there is a thousand-level, precisely in Bukit Tinggi city and Agam district.

With a length of approximately 1 Km, the journey through the thousand-level stairs will be more memorable with a panoramic panorama in the surrounding area.

In this location, the tourists can see the beauty of Sianok Canyon, the cliff wall and also the view of rice field green with refreshing air.

Jam Gadang

Jam Gadang is one of the unique and distinctive icon of Sumbar tourism. This clock has a high historical value because it has been around since the Dutch colonial era.

With a size of 13 × 4 meters and a height of 26 meters, Jam Gadang has its own uniqueness with unusual shape of the number. Where at number 4 commonly written with the symbol IV precisely written IIII.

In addition to watching the uniqueness of Gadang hours and taking pictures, you can also stop by the Bukit Tinggi market which is close to this location.

Siti Nurbaya Bridge

In addition to Jam Gadang, Sumbar tourism is also identical to the Siti Nurbaya Bridge which is built on the estuary of Batang Arau.

This bridge connects the Old City of Padang with the location of Siti Nurbaya Park which is the burial place of Siti Nurbaya, a woman whose story is so popular in the world of Indonesian literature.

The best time to visit Siti Nurbaya Bridge is the evening before evening so that you can witness the beauty of the enchanting sunset.

Mifan Waterpark

Sumbar tourism is one of the most complete and largest water park in West Sumatera with many exciting rides.

From Kiddy pool, giant water bucket spills, open skateboards, Lazy River, multi racer slide to flying Fox game arenas, Bumpler boats and other exciting games.

The facilities available at Mifan Waterpark are quite complete, because there are also billiard arena, sauna area, futsal Court, 4-dimensional theater, campng ground, and cottage.

Location: Jl. Sutan Syahrir (Minangkabau village), Silaing Bottom, Padang Panjang.

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